Advanced Heating Systems

advanced heating system for domestic homes

Advanced Heating System

olarstyle UK Central heating Management System leads the way as an advanced heating system for domestic homes as the energy crisis starts to impact on the lives of home owners up and down the country.

It has been 13 years since the invention of the Central heating Management System which has seen thousands of happy customers enjoy the benefits of an advanced better quality heating system and great savings on their energy costs. Over a thousand customers can testify to the revolutionary properties of the incredible system.

The Central heating Management System gives an existing wet central heating system a new lease of life, saving the consumer money on the daily requirements of living in comfort.

As the energy crisis deepens, the government and the energy companies continue to avoid “necessary intervention” to aid with the escalating costs of fuel, and this product affords the consumer the opportunity to take matters into their own hands.

The Central heating Management System is installed as part of a system overhaul.

Full Power-Flush of Radiators, Pipes and Boiler.

  • Radiator Cleaner or Magna-Cleanse
  • Inhibitor Fluid
  • Radiator Valve Replacement
  • Motorised Valve Replacement
  • ‘A’ Rated Flow Pump/s
  • Thermostatic Pipe Valve
  • Air Release System
  • Digital Room Thermostat
  • Multi-Zone Master Controller

The Central heating Management System is installed by qualified, heating engineers who have been trained to the highest level. Their work is inspected using thermostatic and thermal imaging equipment in the hands of qualified individuals. Every inspector has the ability to show the customer how to use the product to its maximum saving potential.


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