Our Core Values

Who are SolarStyle?

What makes us tick, what do we stand for?


We are proud of our company and dedicated to its purpose. We are enthusiastic, enjoy challenges and are eager


We are friendly and courteous in all our relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers


We are reliable, consistent and we excel in the standards of presentation of our people and products


We are trustworthy and honest in all that we say and do and take responsibility for our own actions


We appreciate the endeavours of our colleagues. We praise their achievements and enjoy celebrating their success


We have a vision of what can be achieved and provide colleagues with personal development, supportive training and exciting career progression


We are all determined to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing a serviceā€¦built on trust

Meet a few of the team

Donna Dixon

Managing Director

Looks after the day-to-day running of the company but has been known to make the tea from time to time


Marketing Manager

Gordon ensures customers know about our products to promote greener energy solutions

Andrew Goldsbrough

Accounts Manager

Andrew makes sure the figures add up and balances the books

Leanne Mann

Installations Manager

Leanne makes sure all the installations run smoothly and provides day-to-day contact for our customers

Solar PV

Solar PV

Solar Panels, also known as Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV), generate inexpensive, green electricity by converting sunlight into electrical power.

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Solar PV


Thermodynamics systems are like a refrigerators in reverse, absorbing ambient air temperature to cleverly provide you with hot water all year round.

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Battery Storage

Battery Storage

With our battery storage solutions you can make sure that you have all the power you need, whenever you need it, and still not have to draw power from the expensive electric grid.

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Inverters are the heart of your eco-friendly, energy-efficient home. They control the distribution and storage of power harvested by SolarPV panels and your other renewable technologies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'll have lots of questions. Our experts are always on hand to help you work out what you need but in the mean time, here are some answers to common questions

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Solaredge offers a solution that enables panel-level optimization of your pv system for better system performance and for your peace of mind.

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Interest-Free Finance

Pay no interest charges and spread the costs into manageable monthly payments with interest-free finance (0% APR)

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