The Clock is Ticking

The deadline for the feed in tariff has been confirmed for the 31st March 2019. So it really is the last chance now for people to have a look and see how much money they could make and save with Solar PV.


Homeowners could save up to 50% of their energy bills plus enjoy 20 years of tax free income. So what should people look for when getting a quote? OK there are a few very important things to consider:

  • Is the business MCS registered (microgeneration certification scheme) this is a quality assurance scheme where installers must abide by strict rules and installation processes.
  • Any reputable business will offer an insurance backed warranty at no extra cost to yourself, therefore should anything happen to the installer you have peace of mind that you are covered.
  • Look for a business that can offer finance facilities with a reputable lender, to be able to offer finance a business must go through several tests and quality checks to ensure they sell the correct product the correct way.
  • Don’t be afraid to pop in and see a business if they are in your local area, it’s good to see how many people work there and also how they operate. Too many businesses work from unmanned premises so what happens if you have an issue?

Finally remember that you will never know if Solar energy is right for you until you have a look so don’t miss out!